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Why Hajj Murshiddun
Hajj Murshiddun has organized the hajj for pilgrims since 1989.

We guide to the hajj with care, treating all hujjaj as family, anticipating their needs and working hard to resolve any issues that may develop, Insha' Allah.

We have facilitated the pilgrimage for more than 2,000 pilgrims over the last 28 years

We have an efficient and comprehensive logistical plan for air, land and hajj accommodations.

We provide hotels within 50 meters of Masjid Al Haram and the Prophet's Mosque, allowing the hujjaj to make all 5 daily prayers and tawaf as much as desired.


We have VIP tents in Mina also within 50 meters of the Jamarat. Also exceptional accommodations are provided in Muzdelifah.

We offer a weekly class for several months where the requirements, conditions, manasik, and the meaning of the hajj is taught with a thoroughness and spirituality necessary for performing your rites.

We have trained and skillful hajj guides who have 28 years of experience that will travel with you.

The members of Hajj Murshiddun believe that the hajj guides have a responsibility to Allah first, a knowing that the task itself is a blessing and our efforts will affect our beloved hajjis.
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