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Hajj Packages

Hajj 2018 – VIP - Delux Madinah First

Package B (Hotel stay only in Madina & Makkah)

Routing Madinah First – Price per person

Travel Date Departure: 07 August
Return: 24 or 25 August

4 people per room TBA  Price per person
3 people per room TBA  Price per person
2 people per room TBA  Price per person

Routing Details
• – Dallah Taibah Hotel, Madina
• – Fairmont Clock Tower Hotel, Makkah
•  – Mina tent in front of Jamarat
• – Arafat tent
• – Jeddah or Makkah Building extra stay before departure to US if needed subject to Saudi Government regulation.

• Please write check payable to Hajj Murshiddun
• Madina First package may or may not be a direct international Madina flight or VIA Jeddah to Madina domestic flight.
• Package prices and travel dates may change without prior notice.
• Should you have any questions, please contact our office (678) 984-5193.

The package price does not include (please add to package price):

• Hajj fees $350.00
• Qurbani $170.00.
• Date change fees will be applied after ticketing, tickets are nonrefundable.
• Return documents mailing charges ($50 or up).

The package includes:

• Round trip Air-Fare from/to New York.
• Other cities please Call (732)225-4050 or Email caravanhajj@hotmail.com
• Accommodation in Mina Tents by Jamarat.
• Transportation by Mashair train & air-conditioned buses where applicable.
• Accommodation in Madina: Dallah Taibah Hotel close to Masjid-an-Nabawi (3 Days stay based on package).
• Accommodation in Makkah: Fairmont clock tower Hotel Facing Masjid Al-Haraam (3 Days based on package).
• Oriental Buffet meals Breakfast and Dinner only.
• Visit to Historical Holy sites in Madinah Munawarah.
• Group accompanied by experienced Bilingual Guide & Scholars.

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