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"Those Who Guide To The Hajj With Care"
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About Us

Our Mission
Hajj Murshiddun is here to serve all your vacation needs. Our motto, “Those Who Guide To The Hajj With Care”, sums 
up our commitment to our customers. We provide Hajj preparation classes and experienced guides for your journey.
 Our services are designed to prepare you to concentrate on performing the rites 
of Hajj with minimal problems and worries.

Our History
Hajj Murshiddun has been organizing the hajj for pilgrims since 1989. We organize the Hajj for
all interested pilgrims from across the U.S., Caribbean and U.S. resident aliens from other
foreign countries. We have great sensitivities to all cultures. We give all praise to Allah for
our existence and continued struggle to please Him and assist all Hajjis.

Our staff has combined 40 years of experience organizing trips to Hajj and Umrah. Our goal is to
prepare the prospective hajji for the journey. We conduct extensive classes on the rites of Hajj,
facilitate the visa process, accompany the group on the journey and serve as guides during the

Our members are:
Hamin S. Dawan
Zarinah Abdur Rahman
Yusuf Wazeerud-Din

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